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Catholic Quest presents

A series of talks by Kevin Wells, author and evangelist

In 2009, Kevin survived a close brush with death after a malformed line of vessels in his brain hemorrhaged. The day after invasive brain surgery failed to control the flow of blood that was compressing his brain, Kevin was anointed by Fr. James Stack – the longtime best friend of his murdered uncle, Msgr. Thomas Wells. To this day, witnesses in the dark neuro-ICU room still tell of the miracle that unvolded at his bedside.

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Schedule of Events

St. Rose of Lima, Topsfield

Sun, Oct 16 3 pm

Top 10 Must-Dos to Keep your Kids Catholic

3-Day Parish Mission St. William, Tewksbury

Sun, Oct 16 7 pm

The Priests We Need to Change the Church

Mon, Oct 17 7 pm*

The Heroic Life of Aloysius Schwartz

Tues, Oct 18 7 pm

Living Catholic Simplicity for These Tough Times

St. Joseph the Worker Shrine, Lowell

We, Oct 19 7 pm

Being St. Joseph Today

* A 2nd class relic of Venerable Al will be available for veneration. There will be a good-will collection for the Sisters of Mary, the order founded by Fr. Al in 1964, for the 21,000 children they care for throughout the world.

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Catholic Quest seeks to provide forums for Catholics to continue to learn about their faith, to more clearly explain and defend those Teachings, and to deepen their spirituality and to give people of other faiths the opportunity to learn more about the Teachings and practices of the Catholic Church.

100th Year Anniversary of Fatima


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