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Treasures of the Church


Treasures of the Church is a ministry of evangelization of the Catholic Church. Run by Fr. Carlos Martins of the Companions of the Cross, its purpose is to give people an experience of the living God through an encounter with the relics of his saints in the form of an exposition. Each exposition begins with a multi-media presentation on the Church's use of relics that is scriptural, catechetical, and devotional, leading to a renewal of the Catholic faith for many people. After the teaching, those in attendance have an opportunity to venerate the relics of some of their favorite saints.

An exposition involves some 150 relics, including those of St. Maria Goretti, St. Therese of Lisieux (the "Little Flower"), St. Francis of Assisi, St. Anthony of Padua, St. Thomas Aquinas, and St. Faustina Kowalska. The supreme highlight is one of the largest relics of the Church's claim to the True Cross in the world and a piece of the Veil that, according to sanctioned tradition, is believed to have belonged to Our Lady.

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Fr. Carlos Martins


Fr. Carlos Martins was born in Kitchener, Ontario. A convert from atheism, he completed studies in philosophy at the University of Waterloo where he obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree. A Master of Arts degree in philosophy followed from the University of Toronto, and then a Bachelor of Education from the University of Ottawa. Upon completion of his studies a career in teaching was begun. Three years into teaching, while on retreat, he heard a call to the priesthood and joined the Companions of the Cross. He currently serves as chaplain of York University in Toronto, Canada and also conducts ministry with sacred relics of the saints, with Treasures of the Church ministry.

Schedule of Expositions

Day Date Time Church
Sunday February 22 2:00 pm Holy Ghost Church – Whitman, MA
518 Washington St. Whitman, MA 02382
Monday February 23 7:00 pm St. Brendan Church – Bellingham, MA
384 Hartford Ave., Bellingham, MA 02019
Tuesday February 24 7:00 pm Holy Family Church – East Taunton, MA
370 Middleboro Ave, East Taunton, MA 02780
Wednesday February 25 6:30 pm St. Bernadette Church – Fall River, MA
529 Eastern Avenue, Fall River, MA 02723
Thursday February 26 7:30 pm St. Mary of the Nativity Church – Scituate, MA
1 Kent Street, Scituate Harbor, MA 02066
Friday February 27 1:00 pm St. Mary Church – Waltham, MA
133 School Street, Waltham, MA 02451
Sunday March 1 2:30 pm St. Edith Stein – Brockton, MA
71 East Main Street, Brockton, MA 02301
Monday March 2 7:00 pm St. Thomas the Apostle Church – Millis, MA
111 Exchange Street, Millis MA 02054
Tuesday March 3 7:00 pm St. Francis of Assisi Church – Litchfield, NH
9 St. Francis Way, Litchfield, NH 03052
Wednesday March 4 7:00 pm St. Marguerite D'Youville
1340 Lakeview Ave., Dracut, MA 01826
Thursday March 5 7:00 pm St. William Church – Tewksbury, MA
1351 Main Street, Tewksbury, MA 01876
Friday March 6 7:00 pm St. Joseph Church – Wakefield, MA
173 Albion St., Wakefield, MA 01880
Saturday March 7 5:00 pm Our Lady of Grace Church – Pepperell, MA
28 Tarbell Street, Pepperell, MA 01463
Sunday March 8 2:00 pm Immaculate Conception Church – Nashua, NH
214 E. Dunstable Road, Nashua, NH 03062

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What are relics? Relics are physical objects that have a direct association with a saint or Our Blessed Lord. They are divided into three classes:

  • A 1st class relic is part of the saint’s body, such as a piece of bone or flesh.
  • A 2nd class relic is something that was owned by the saint in their lifetime, such as clothing or a book.
  • A 3rd class relic is something that was touched to a 1st, 2nd, or another 3rd class relic.

Almost all of the relics in the Treasures of the Church exhibit are 1st class relics.

First class relics are actually part of a person’s body? How is this possible? Many saints are incorrupt, which means that their bodies do not decay after death the way most people’s do. For some saints, it is only a certain part of his or her body that has remained incorrupt. For example, this exhibit includes a large piece of the incorrupt heart of St. Vincent de Paul. However, even for saints whose bodies did decay, their bones usually remain.

It sounds creepy to cut up the bodies of saints and put them in reliquaries. Why does the Church do that? As Fr. Martins explains, “Relics are connected with the Holy Spirit. In the case of first class relics, they were temples of the Holy Spirit. In a mystical way, the Holy Spirit dwelt within them.” (From Fr. Carlos Martins’ Testimony in Companions of the Cross, Fall 2009)

Why do we venerate relics? The saints chose to live many holy moments throughout their days on earth. The Church officially recognizes that they practiced heroic virtue and lived in fidelity to God’s grace. We should see them as models of charity and strive to emulate their holiness in our own lives.

How do the relics of the saints work miracles? All miracles and healings ultimately come from God. The relics do not contain a “magical” power of their own apart from God. God can always heal a person directly. However, He often chooses to work through a human instrument. We recognize the saints as being perfected in holiness and able to intercede for those of us still on Earth. Some saints are considered patrons of a particular cause or group of people because of some connection during their lifetime. According to Fr. Martins, “The saints are God’s agents whom he sends to carry his love and mercy. As members of his mystical body, they are an extension of Him. They are His hands and feet that go out to touch His children and make them aware of His presence.” (From the National Catholic Register, “Tender Saints for Troubled Times” by Celeste Behe, Jan 19, 2013)

Do miracles really occur during these expositions? There are healings at every exposition. When the faithful come in openness and humility, God never disappoints us. Some healings are quite dramatic while others are harder to prove and may even remain only within the heart of the one healed, such as emotional healings, spiritual conversions, marriages restored, and freedom from addictions.

Some of the more dramatic miracles associated with a Treasures of the Church Exposition include:

  • A man whose arm was bitten by a venomous spider who was just hours away from having the necropsied arm amputated at the shoulder after being prayed over and touched with the relic of St. Maria Goretti was completely cured, so much so, that the original spider bite could not be found.
  • A man who was completely deaf who touched a reliquary to his ears and began to hear.
  • A middle-aged man who had never walked in his life who got up out of his wheelchair and walked home.
  • A 9-year old girl with a tumor the size of a melon protruding from her lower abdomen was completely healed with no trace of a tumor.

These and many other healings can be read about on But even more than just reading about these miracles, come and experience for yourself God’s healing love!

Ken Hensley

Sponsored by Catholic Quest


Talk Day Date Time Church
Evangelical Pastor Becomes Catholic Thursday March 19 7:00 pm St. Pius V Church
55 Elmhurst Ave. Providence, RI
Sharing the Catholic Faith with Your Children and Grandchildren Friday March 20 7:00 pm Our Lady of Grace Parish & the Knights of Columbus Country Day School of the Holy Union, Auditorium
14 Main Street, Groton, MA
The Godless Delusion: The Catholic Challenge to Modern Atheism Sunday March 22 1:30 pm St. Thomas the Apostle Parish
111 Exchange St., Millis, MA
Evangelical Pastor Becomes Catholic Sunday March 22 6:00 pm St. William Parish
1351 Main St., Tewksbury, MA

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Ken Hensley


Ken Hensley is a Catholic teacher and apologist. As an evangelical Protestant he received his masters degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA before being ordained into the Baptist ministry, where he served for eleven years. In 1993, Ken learned that a friend from his seminary days, Scott Hahn, had converted to the Catholic faith. He contacted Scott, initially to ask, “What have you done!?” Thus began more than three years of prayer, struggle and an intense rethinking of his entire worldview as a Christian. In 1996, Ken resigned his pastorate and at Easter Vigil 1997 was received into the Catholic Church with his wife Tina.

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